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For Members
Get paid to view advertisements! As a member, you'll get paid for each click that you generate by browsing our sponsor's ads. We offer all features of today's PTC technology, including instant purchase processing and referral renting. Have a look inside and start earning now!
45DAYSBUX is a site where you can earn a lot from clicks.
payment after 24 hours maximum
You can make payment requests every day, with no limits, the maximum permitted.
All payments are guaranteed. and are made in the order of request.

This way you eliminate the Robot members who click with automatic systems for obtaining receipts as standard members.
The first 10,000 members get free $ 150 purchase balance that you can use on the site, for advertising or rent referrals.
Premium members also receive $ 200 in purchase balance,
Elite members will also receive $ 300 in purchase balance,
Ultimate members will also receive $ 400 in Purchase balance.

  For Advertisers

We offer competitively priced advertisement packages for your online campaigns. Paid member clicks are guaranteed and clicks from outside visitors are included in the price. Members can click your advertisement campaign once per 24 hours - outside clicks are included and free of charge.

- Choose from a variety of packages
- Access detailed statistics of your campaign
- Demographic targeting
- Premium Only filter
- Free outside visitor clicks
- Advanced anti-cheat protection

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